G.I. Theta Chi

G.I. Theta Chi

What is G.I. Theta Chi?

The event has its origins at the University of Central Florida in February 2007, and has developed into a nationwide endeavor. G.I. Theta Chi is an obstacle course-style event which aims to engage the entire campus community on behalf of the USO (United Service Organizations). Since September 2013, Theta Chi and the USO have acknowledged and supported a philanthropic partnership which strives to extend a helping hand for the support of American troops and their families. Theta Chi was founded over 150 years ago by two military cadets at Norwich University and has since been guided by the principle of “Extending the Helping Hand.” Today, the nationwide presence of G.I. Theta Chi is one way in which we exemplify that vision.

The USO, a nonprofit organization, offers all Americans a way to say thank you to our troops and their families, with the delivery of highly valued programs, morale-boosting services, and engaging entertainment. Their scope, scale, presence, reach, knowledge, and the resulting trust of the U.S. military, gives the USO the unparalleled capacity to meet the wide range of changing needs experienced by our troops and their families. With over 180 USO locations across the world and partnerships with many major philanthropic organizations, the United Service Organizations provide our troops, veterans, and their families with continued physical and mental care throughout their lives.

G.I. Theta Chi is a week-long series of events culminating in one main obstacle course. This main event will be held on Saturday, April 7th, 2018.